We Toyotsu Rare Earths India Pvt Ltd., a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan, a renowned, conglomerated group, globally, started operations in October 2013 in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

The market for Rare Earths an essential raw material for next-generation automobile manufacturing and array of leading-edge industrial sectors is on the cusp of major change. In response, as a manufacturing Rare Earths company, we are securing and stably supplying natural resources while enhancing quality and lowering cost for our customers.

As India is one country that is rich in Rare Earths resources, we established in 2009, aim to satisfy growth of Rare Earths demands in the world with our production. As for India, plans call for extending our value chain with the cooperation of Indias government to global customers of future generation in automobile.

Our parent company is Toyota Tsusho Corporation in Japan. They have been growing steadily together with the automotive business as the main axis, and using the know-how of a global network and as the only trading company among TOYOTA motor group that deeply involved in an idea of manufacturing, aim at a new trading company group that make flexible ideas and an adequate proposal.

We continuously strive for producing quality rare earth elements and aiming to maintain highest level of safety to assets, manpower and also environment with global standards.

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